Tapping All Possibilities



In today's society we  sometimes forget to balance our hearts and our heads; this is the reason we stop laughing.                         Yakov Smirnoff


About Me...Denny Sulava

Almost every energy worker that I know has a past or present illness that lead them to the healing arts. I was extremely ill, and on a liver transplant list in 1995. I made some decisions to move toward natural healing which lead me to energy healing.

 I knew I had to change physically, emotionally and spiritually. I found a chiropractor in Natrona Heights PA that also practiced energetic medicine. She used techniques call Total Body Modification and NET. She muscle tested me for supplements that I could take because my liver did not handle many supplements very well. Seeing her at least twice a week I started to gain ground with my health. It was a slow process but within six months I felt sure that I would not need a liver transplant if my progress kept moving upward. I then started to see a medical doctor in Monroeville PA that also did acupuncture. The combination of modalities made a huge difference in my progress. At the Pittsburgh transplant center they finally took me off of the list.  I kept my liver and the rest is history.

The first modality to catch my attention was the Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is now often called Meridian Tapping. I was looking for some type of stress relief after the 911 attack. I was teaching at the time in a high school and everyone was totally stress out. I typed in "stress relief" and found EFT. 

Gary Craig was the founder of EFT. I bought his videos, took classes and took Dr Carrington's tests. EFT combines talk therapy while tapping on acupuncture points with your finger tips. The combination allows stuck energy to flow again. Gary Craig said to try it on everything and I found that to be true.  I have been seeing clients and teaching classes since 2004. 

My Next adventure was Reiki. Reiki is very simple. You allow yourself to be a conduit of healing energy from the source of all that is. You are not doing the healing in Reiki, you are just allowing the energy to flow through you to the person receiving it. I eventually became a Reiki Master. 

I added a neat little modality that is very effective called Doyletics. Are you aware of a stiuation that always causes you a bodily response such as a tightness in your chest or throat. Any bodily response that you get from a stimlus may actually be a memory from the age of 5 or younger. Doyletics allows you to release those old memories.  

The Emotion Code is what I found when looking for a faster EFT method. I took Dr. Bradley Nelson's class, turned in my case studies, passed the test and became a Certified Practitioner of The Emotion Code. In this modality a magnet is rolled down the back to release and neutralize a targeted negative emotion. This is a highly affective modality. 

Matrix Reimprinting is one of my latest energy tool to add to my tool box. It is very powerful. I call it EFT on steroids. Tapping is done by the client on a younger version of them self after they step into the Matrix. It is beyond amazing.   

So why does one need so many healing tools? Simple...I found that no single healing modality can be the answer to every problem. What works for one person does not always work for the next. I also found that no healing takes place through any modality if the person subconsciously does not feel safe to heal, does not believe it is possible and does not deserve to heal. When these three things are settled then healing can take place.

I was a high school teacher for 33 years. This is what I do now in my "spare" time. I am not a licensed medical doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach who simply helps people to get balance back into their lives. Negative emotions are the core of most of our illnesses and pains. My job is to help eliminate those destructive trapped emotions.



Great Quote

“Great innovations,
when they appear...
seem muddled and strange. They are only
half understood by their discoverer and remain a mystery to everyone else. But if an idea does not appear bizarre there is
no hope for it

 Niels Bohr