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In today's society we  sometimes forget to balance our hearts and our heads; this is the reason we stop laughing.                         Yakov Smirnoff



Meridian Tapping Techniques 


What is EFT or Meridian Tapping?

The Emotional Freedom Techniques is an energy balancing modality.

It combines your awareness of a disturbing problems while stimulating well accepted acupuncture points on the body. Tapping with finger tips takes the place of needles.

It has the potential for aiding in the balancing many different disturbances in our energy system.

These disturbances surface as emotional and physical pain.

tapping points

So, how is one’s energy system interrupted anyway?


Here is a simple example. Let’s say Bill is 38 years old and afraid of spiders. Do you think he was born afraid of spiders? My guess is that Bill was not afraid of spider until a disturbance occurs in his energy system that was connected to spiders.

Now, there is something that all children are afraid of naturally. Loud noises naturally cause a disturbance in a child’s energy system. Just the other day my 11 month old grand-daughter was sitting on my lap at a 4th of July picnic when some firecracker blasted away. She looked at me and thought I was the cause and started screaming and would have nothing to do with me for about an hour. When she settled down, I did some tapping for her and she was fine.

Back to story... So lets just suppose that Billy, when he was very young was looking at a spider crawling on the floor, at this point there was no fear,  when all of a sudden an adult screamed showing their own fear of the spider. Of course a similar disturbance had occurred in their life at one point. The real disturbance in Billy’s energy system was caused by the scream. Billy associated the spider he was looking at with the scream which caused a disturbance in his energy system. This may sound too simple but it is a real example of how simply and innocently a disruption in the body’s energy system might easily occur and then continue until it is cleared out with an energy modality like EFT.

To simplify this let’s say there are two parts to EFT. First, identify the issue causing the emotional upset, physical pain or weakness. Second, gently tap with your finger tips on well established acupuncture points as you hold that issue in your awareness. Being specific is most important when it comes to the real or core issue that is causing the energy disturbance.

For instance in the above example you would start with the basic fear of spiders while you tapped the points. A phrase something like “Even though I am afraid of spiders, I love and accept myself” would get your energy moving. That phrase by itself, held in your awareness while you tapped may clear the energy disturbance that was causing a fear of spiders. If that phrase does not work by itself more discoveries will be necessary to find the fear connection to spiders. These new discoveries usually happen while doing this technique. New thoughts are usually coming into your awareness as you tap.

For instance the thought of screaming or Aunt Hilda screaming may come into your awareness while tapping. If that were the case then you might change the phrase to, “Even though I am afraid of spiders and Aunt Hilda screaming, I love and accept myself.” When you get to the core issue that is causing the fear while you tap, the disturbance is cleared out of the energy system and the fear of spiders simply fades. In some cases people have told me they really don’t remember being afraid of the object of their fear. Some clients laugh in this situation and say “I feel silly that I was ever afraid.”

The fear is so far removed in some people that they may say something like, "I'm not sure now if I ever was really afraid." Yet when the session started they had real sign of fear like rapid heart beat, sweating, and being flushed when asked to imagine being confronted by their nemesis. EFT can work quickly in some cases.

What you have read is fictitious but is based on the kind of energy disturbances that I have observed when working with a client.


A Little History


The exciting new Meridian Therapies are… not so new. Some of the earliest signs of Meridian therapies can be traced back to 5000 BC, when a body preserved in a glacier was found to have tattoos on acupuncture points. In 3000 BC the Emperor of China published the classic text for acupuncture that is still valid 5000 years later.


Jumping to 1964, a Detroit chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart pursued links between apparent muscle strength and factors in every bodily system that when weak or imbalanced also caused muscle weakness. After studying the work of many researcher of that time he decided to call the practice Applied Kinesiology. John Thie, a colleague of Goodheart organized the International College of Applied Kinesiology in 1974. He also published Touch for Health, a manual that introduced these techniques to the public. Around the same time period, Dr. John Diamond developed Behavioral Kinesiology which initiated the integration of Applied Kinesiology and psychotherapy.


In 1979 Dr. Roger Callahan, who studied with Dr. Diamond, applied finger tapping of meridian points to a client with severe water phobia, Her remission was instantaneous and apparently permanent. Callahan’s greatest contribution to the modality he developed and called Thought Field Therapy, was dealing with Psychological Reversal, a condition which blocks successful energy balancing. Callahan paid a great price, financially, and personally to bring his work to the world. Names like Diamond, Callahan, Carbonell, Figley, and Durlacher, continued the work and research which lead to present day Meridian Therapy.


A Stanford trained engineer name Gary Craig took Dr.Callahan’s extremely expensive training course utilizing Thought Field Therapy. In 1995 Craig streamlined what he had learned and his new version was called the Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. At the same time many others with names like Gallo, Fleming, Nims, Clinton, Elium and many others came out with their own variations of Callahan’s work. None had the vision to bring their work to the world like Gary Craig did. Craig’s version was easy enough for children to use and his website gave away a free manual and videos. The videos that he had made of his seminars were sold to the public at such a low price that anyone could afford them. EFT took the world by storm. EFT was easy and inexpensive to learn but Craig’s intention was the driving force that made this healing modality known to the world.


In 1998 the progressing thinking by Chrissie Hardisty and Silvia Hartmann brought The Association For Meridian Therapies and Energy Psychology. The AMT was the first administrative body bring organization and guidance to Meridian Therapies. Shortly thereafter Energy Psychotherapy Conferences in Los Vegas and Toronto brought about the formation of ACEP, The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology lead by David and Rebecca Grudermeyer and Dorothea Hover-Kramer.

From 2000 to the present the field of Meridian Therapies and Energy Psychology exploded into the world. Much so that it even found me right after the events of


September 11th 2001. I was a teacher in a Public High School In tiny Freeport Pennsylvania USA. I had never felt such an out pouring of negative energy to the point that it made me uncomfortable. So I Googled “Stress Relief” and about the third line down I saw “EFT”. I downloaded the free manual and two days later I was helping students with fears and anxieties connected to 9/1/1. After taking the EFT Level 1,2 and 3 classes with EFT Master Maggie Atkinson and CJ Puotinin I started getting serious about energy balancing techniques. I wanted to call my self a coach instead of a practitioner so my next goal was to become a certified professional life coach. If you want to know more of my back ground click here.

Often, western medicine doctors scoffs at energy balancing techniques such as acupuncture. Keep in perspective that only 150 years ago during the Civil War, western medicine doctors also scoffed at the thought that their hands needed to be washed or that their instruments needed to be cleaned between amputations. Most of their patients died from infection. Hypocrites said, "First, do no harm." Click here for a surprise.

If you ask your medical doctor about Meridian Tapping most likely he will say something like, "Well... it probably can't hurt."






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“Great innovations,
when they appear...
seem muddled and strange. They are only
half understood by their discoverer and remain a mystery to everyone else. But if an idea does not appear bizarre there is
no hope for it

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