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Compilation of fall prevention tips for the elderly from several websites. There is no special order to these suggestions. They were collected from several websites and simply added.


·      Making sure that lighting is not too dim or too direct, and that light switches are easily accessible. Make sure all walking paths are well lit.

·      Repair or remove tripping hazards. Sometimes home fixtures can contribute to falls, which can then lead to back pain and other injuries. Examine every room and hallway, looking for items such as loose carpets, slippery throw rugs, or wood floorboards that stick up. Then repair, remove, or replace those items for more effective fall prevention.

·    Transition between floors from room to room be as smooth as possible 

·    The easiest method for preventing falls is to keep your home neat and tidy. 

·    Animals love to give affection and get affection but are the cause of thousands of serious falls each year.

·    Bathrooms should have a chair for bathing or skid-resistant mats, grab bars should be placed where needed and the toilet seat needs to be tall enough for easy transferring. Non-slip mats should be used for showering. Grab bars in the shower or tub. 

·   Kitchen items that are frequently used should be at waist level or on low shelves, a rubber non slip mat should be placed in front of the sink and non-slip wax should be used on the floor. 

·    Stairways need handrails and steps should not be slippery. 

·    Baggy clothes can sometimes make a person more likely to fall. Opt for better-fitting and properly hemmed clothing that do not drag on the ground. 

·    Socks may be comfortable, but they present a slipping risk. Preventing falls at home can be as simple as wearing shoes. You can also purchase non-slip socks that have grips on the soles of the feet if shoes are too uncomfortable.      

·    Keep moving. Falls are often caused by weakness and sitting too much makes people even weaker. If it is safe encourage a loved one to get up and move just to stay in shape.

  People fall at home by moving too quickly from a sitting to a standing position and vice versa. Preventing falls like this is as easy as taking your time “All you have to do is pause after going from lying down to sitting and from sitting to standing,” he says. “Also take a pause before using the railing on stairs, whether going up or down.”  


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when they appear...
seem muddled and strange. They are only
half understood by their discoverer and remain a mystery to everyone else. But if an idea does not appear bizarre there is
no hope for it

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